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7 Best Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Hey Gardening Pals! Ever found yourself scratching your head, trying to pick the best gift for your green-thumbed friend? Worry not! We’ve rounded up a bunch of thoughtful and practical ideas that’ll turn you into the ultimate gift-giving guru. From personalized planters to handy tools and quirky garden signs, these are the best gift ideas […]

How to Germinate Seeds with Paper Towel

Before you can get started with growing plants hydroponically you first need a seedling. This is easily done with cuttings or clones but if all you have is a bag of seeds you will need to germinate your seeds first. Today we will show you how to germinate seeds with paper towel. This is one […]

6 Ways to Make Money With Hydroponics

Our hydroponics journey began as a hobby but quickly developed into a full-time passion. We quickly realized that our hobby could also provide a lucrative side-hustle. There are many different ways to monetize your hydroponic hobby. In this article we cover 6 ways to make money with your hydroponics setup. 1. Create a hydroponics eBook […]

How to Prune Basil for Maximum Growth

Soon after starting a basil plant in our hydroponic mason jar, we realized that we had no idea how to properly prune a basil plant. Turns out, there is a proper way to prune basil. And it consists of more than yanking off random leaves! Learning how to properly prune basil encourages bushier and more […]