6 Ways to Make Money With Hydroponics

Our hydroponics journey began as a hobby but quickly developed into a full-time passion. We quickly realized that our hobby could also provide a lucrative side-hustle. There are many different ways to monetize your hydroponic hobby. In this article we cover 6 ways to make money with your hydroponics setup.

1. Create a hydroponics eBook

If you are considering making money with hydroponics you’ve probably already done considerable research on the subject. All of this research can be condensed down into a powerful eBook. The benefits of an eBook are numerous, but most importantly there is very little overhead.

2. Host Hydroponic Education Sessions or Webinars

This method is a nice extension to the eBook mentioned above. Once you’ve created a guide for people to follow it is a simple extension to host education sessions in your area. Everyone wants to eat healthier these days but organic produce available at the grocery store can be ridiculously overpriced! Growing simple herbs and vegetables at home is very easy with a little know how. You can work with your local community center and host hydroponic education sessions to share your knowledge with the community.

It does not take all too much work to put together a simple 1 hour course. Once you have the course put together you can re-use the material over and over. These courses can of course all be done digitally as well and sold as a webinar or video tutorial package.

3. Develop and Sell Hydroponic Systems

If you have been doing hydroponics for a while you’ve likely already started trying things on your own. Do you have a system that works really well? Have you created a way to more efficiently grow produce in a smaller space?

Develop instructions and sell the plans for your systems. Or put together kits that people can assemble themselves.

We discuss each of the types of hydroponic systems in detail here on the site. Did you build one from scratch? Chances are people are looking for a ready made kit!

4. Set Up Hydroponic Systems and Greenhouses

We’ve always had friends and family marvel at our hydroponic garden. Shortly after the marveling ended they wanted to know if we would help them set up a system for them. A short time later we started hearing from people we only knew indirectly and they were offering us money to set up a system for them!

Setting up hydroponic systems is a great way to make money with hydroponics. Some people just don’t know how, or don’t have the time to set up a system themselves. If you can install a system for them and get them growing right away they will happily pay you for your time!

5. Sell Your Hydroponic Cuttings

After growing a few tomato plants you probably started to create your own clones. These clones can be an incredibly lucrative opportunity. It is a simple matter to create a try of hydroponic cuttings, or clones, and take them to your local farmers market.

Do you have a local garden center? They may be interested in purchasing your clones in bulk as well!

6. Sell Hydroponic Produce

This is one of the most obvious solutions to make money with hydroponics. Simply grow enough produce to eat, and sell the rest at your local farmers market. Sites like the USDA Local Food Directory can help you find a farmer’s market near you.

Local restaurants are another great avenue for selling your produce. With the latest push to use fresher local products many restaurants are even purchasing locally grown produce from amateur farmers. Search for restaurants in your area that offer “farm to table” produce on their menu and see if they would be interested in purchasing from you. Chances are, they can’t keep up with the demand for locally sourced produce!


These are just some of the ways you can make money with hydroponics. With a little creativity and some hard work you can surely find a few other methods.

Know of an interesting way to make money with hydroponics? Share your approach in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy growing!

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